Who doesn’t love playdough? We all remember the hours of fun we had as a kid, letting our imaginations run wild, creating playdough castles, “food” creations, and everything a child could possibly dream up. Playdough is a timeless aspect of childhood, enjoyed generation after generation. 

Now that you are a parent, you are likely aware of the curiosity that comes along with playdough fun - including the temptation for your little ones to put it in their mouths! Most commercial brands of playdough are unsafe, and ingesting them can lead to many health risks. 

This is where Hello Olive comes in.  Hello Olive is all about sensory, safe, playdough fun, promoting the benefits of playdough with edible and non-toxic dough. Still not convinced Hello Olive measures up against the playdough you grew up with? Well, let us tell you a bit more about our products:

  • Our dough comes in a fun range of different scents to engage sensory play and activate your little one’s sense of smell without the risks that come with ingestion of essential oils and synthetic dyes.
  • Our dough promotes play time, social skill building, hand-eye coordination development, and fine motor skill enhancement. It is a great sensory medium for your child’s overall development.
  • Our dough contains coconut oil, a natural and safe moisturiser which works wonders on dry skin and keeps your hands soft and moisturised for better play. 
  • Although not intended for consumption, our dough is 100% edible and safe, made with food-grade ingredients to eliminate the risks of nasty toxins that come with most commercially bought products.

There’s only one more way to see how Hello Olive measures up - trying one of our incredibly scented, fun-coloured doughs yourself!